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XR-51S SS V-Band IWG, Turbine Housing

XR-51S SS V-Band IWG, Turbine Housing


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IWG housings are offered in 0.62 and 0.80A/R volutes

These are designed for turbine inducers from 50-73mm.

IWG housings are currently offered in standard-rotation configuration only.

These housings have the same inlet v-flange size and placement as all V25V through V35V housings, but use a larger outlet flange with a greater axial distance and location.

IWG housings use the TiAL Sport patented WG flow path shroud design.

IWG housings use a 42mm valve and 38mm port.

The lever position and length are optimised by using the TiALSport MVI 2.5 actuator and patented actuator bracket design.

A water-cooled version (IWG/H2O) is available for marine applications.

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