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Xona Rotor X4C XR9569S | 700-1000 bhp | Performance Turbo

Xona Rotor X4C XR9569S | 700-1000 bhp | Performance Turbo


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'The main reason for us to switch from a twin turbo X2C setup to a single X4C XR9569S turbo, was to reduce the complexity in our engine bay and make our cars more maintenance friendly.

I was quite impressed by the response of this ‘big’ single even without any helping systems. With the added fresh air ALS system, it is basically instant response. What I like most about the X4C XR 9569S in our setup is the way our BMW M S58 reaches the red line. There is no sign of choking, it just revs up so easy and freely.' - Elias Hountondji (Red Bull Driftbrothers)


Turbine Housing 




SS V-Band 0.63A/R 0.63 External V-Band

SS V-Band 0.82A/R




SS V-Band 1.03A/R




SS F3V (T3) T/H 0.63A/R


SS F3V (T3) T/H 0.82A/R


SS F3V (T3) T/H 1.03A/R


SS F3V (T3) T/H 1.21A/R



Component Details

  • Compressor wheel - 68mm Inducer / 94mm Exducer.
  • Turbine Outlet - 69mm UHF
  • 95lb/Minute Flow Rating.
  • 700-1000HP Applications.
  • Variable preload angular contact bearings.
  • Twin gas ring seals at the compressor and turbine.
  • High strength, lightweight stainless steel centre housing.
  • Full hydraulic damping of the rotating assembly.
  • Integrated oil contaminate filter.
  • M62 race material allows higher temperature operation.
  • Metallic bearing cages.

Product Information

The revolutionary UHF aero XR69S turbine delivers the greatest overall flow possible while simultaneously reducing inertia by more than 30%, giving the fastest response we have ever observed at this power level.

The 95•69S is ideal for 68mm compressor inducer limited class racing. This turbo uses the largest compressor wheel allowed, which is paired to the ground-breaking 69mm UHF turbine wheel that outflows the competitor's much larger turbine wheels. By having a smaller turbine wheel, rotating mass is significantly reduced which results in greater response and overall improved drivability. All of the flow, none of the lag.
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