Red Bull Driftbrothers

Red Bull Driftbrothers

Elias and Joe, the RedBull Driftbrothers spoke to us about their experience using our Xona By AET turbos.

'We are currently using the Xona Rotor X4C XR9569S on our BMW M S58 (3,0l inline 6) with a fresh air ALS. Even without the help of the ALS, the turbo spools up so well and early which really helps us to control the wheel speed of the car and makes us able to drive it as precise as possible. Also, the top-end power is amazing, I can not feel any restriction, the engine storms up to the limiter as free as it could be. All of this is possible, without sacrificing low-down response, due to the UHF turbine wheels. We love them!

The main reason for us to switch from a twin turbo X2C setup to a single X4C XR9569S turbo, was to reduce the complexity in our engine bay and make our cars more maintenance friendly.

We highly recommend Xona By AET.'

Click here to view the RedBull Driftbrothers' turbo: X4C XR9569S


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