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Tial Sport M800 Hybrid Turbo Kit Porsche 991.2 Carrera | S | GTS - Tial Sport

Tial Sport M800 Hybrid Turbo Kit Porsche 991.2 Carrera | S | GTS - Tial Sport

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This Tial Sport turbo kit for the Porsche 991.2 models is a direct bolt on kit. These M800 turbos offer up to 800bhp.

The intricate engineering that has been carefully sewn through these turbos is worthy of art work status. Unlike any other Porsche 991 turbo kit on the market, these are the motorsport answer to a road user's urge for performance and should not be mistaken for a cheap alternative.

To really enable us to elaborate on the true beauty of this product we will need to break down each piece that is hand assembled to create this bespoke Porsche turbocharger solution.

Compressor Cover.

The K04 compressor cover from the Porsche 911 GTS turbos is taken and re profiled to house a much larger 47 inducer and 65mm exducer bespoke XONA rotor compressor wheel perfectly. This makes the turbo a direct bolt on for the 991.2 intake side and boost pipes. Tial use specialist machining of the compressor cover to further increase the efficiency of the wheel. This is done uniquely to work in the Porsche 3.0lt engine operating window. Seating the compressor wheel correctly helps with airspeed consistency and maintaining a pressure balance from wheel to cover during air transition.

Compressor Wheel.

porsche turbo compressor wheel

The fundamental of delivering air to the Porsche 911 3.0l engine. This latest revision of the XONA billet compressor wheel design specifically for the Porsche 991.2 platform is completely unique. Known as the HTE 2 it comprises a design specific to its application with a 65mm base exducer and a 47mm inducer 5 axis machined to perfection this is one of the stand out pieces of this Tialsport M800 turbocharger kit.

Showing the true engineering level that has been strictly adhered to in this kit this package is the only hybrid Porsche turbo kit that offers a full OEM spec compressor map allowing professional Porsche tuners around the globe to understand its true capabilities before specifying it for your build.

Turbo Shaft.

porsche turbo shaft

A top quality "" turboshaft is a must on high performance applications many off the shelf upgraded turbo options available will use a universal turbine shaft and wheel that is re-engineered to work in this platform. One of the main beneficiaries of TIALSport and XONA producing their own turbine shaft and wheel combination is that they are able to maintain the Porsche OEM twin piston ring seals. This offers a far greater overall seal above and beyond that of the compromised units usually on offer.

Turbine Wheel.

porsche turbine wheel

The XONA turbine wheel is possibly the most impressive piece of the overall puzzle in this Porsche turbo upgrade. Designed from the ground up to work specifically with the Porsche 991.2 3.0T engine and turbo configuration this turbine wheel is truly bespoke to this platform. This is known as the XONA Rotor XR465 UHF turbine wheel which carries a 7 blade 52mm inducer and 46mm exducer allowing for the best possible turbo response without compromising high RPM flowrate.

Turbo Core.

The most common component for failure due to corrosion re engineered to last. It's common knowledge due to the location of the turbochargers on all Porsche motorcars that rot and corrosion is the biggest player in their demise. Tial Sport has remedied this unlike all other options currently available they have started with large batches of stripped K04 cores which have been fully machined re- worked and then treated with highly corrosion efficient electroless nickel plating.

Furthermore, they remove the tin pressed heat shield in place of a bespoke height matched billet machined option. Each heat shield is bespoke to each unit offering the perfect refitment of the housings and therefore sealing perfectly for optimum longevity and power.

Turbine Housing.

Utilising the OEM Porsche 991.2 GTS turbine housing guarantees a perfect fit to the stock exhaust system as well as every upgraded Porsche 911 exhaust available fo this model. The OEM Porsche K04 turbine housing is carefully reprofiled to accept the re engineered heatshield and XONA UHF turbine wheel perfectly. Special care has been taken to shape the internal exhaust housing to help with perfecting the gas flow angle of the uprated turbine wheel.

Its All In The Detail.

With this Tial Porsche upgraded turbo kit we firmly believe the performance and consistency is all in the detail. The lengths that TialSport have reached to make this turbo kit is why its our choice for all of our big power builds including our own demonstrator vehicles. We have inspected most turbocharger upgrades for this platform and nothing comes close to the engineering found in this kit.

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