Xona Engineering

Forged from a long standing relationship, TiAL Sport and FP Turbo have worked together to form XONA ROTOR. Xona Rotor's mission is to set a new standard for quality and performance for turbochargers being offered to motorsports and performance markets. At Xona Rotor playing follow the leader is fun. They plan to lead.

Xona Rotor turbochargers are unique in that they are produced with premium materials not available in competitive products. Their turbochargers are designed, developed, and manufactured in the U.S.A., from pouring our own castings to final assembly. Born from 25 years of motorsport-level boost control experience by TiALSport, and 22 years of aftermarket experience from Forced Performance.

Benefits and Features of a Xona Rotor Turbo:

Feature: Variable Preload, angular-contact two-row ceramic ball-bearing cartridge with all-metal cage and carrier construction.

Benefit: High axial load capacity, enhanced temperature threshold, proper preload during all aspects of temperature and load range.

Feature: Twin, separated gas seal rings at both compressor and turbine end.

Benefit: Enhanced sealing, reduced wear.

Feature: CNC-machined, stainless-steel bearing housing assembly with high-flow water jacket.

Benefits: Resists corrosion, reduces installation weight, and provides enhanced cooling to both the bearing and sealing structure.

Feature: CNC-machined, modular backplate design.

Benefit: Reduces installation weight, allows for a more compact footprint, allows  for multiple housing options within families.

Feature: Investment-cast, stainless-steel v-band inlet/outlet turbine housing options.

Benefit: Reduces installation weight, allows for a more compact footprint, allows  kit-builders to maintain a uniform footprint, corrosion resistant, robust            construction, enhanced thermal efficiency.

Feature: Patented, high-flow wastegated turbine housing design.

Benefit: Reduced installation weight, allows for a more compact footprint, allows for higher flow without offset discharge. 3D-printed Inconel valve lever provides robust actuation without awkward offset.


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