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Shaun Branch

Shaun Branch


One of our many Xona By AET customers, Shaun, has been in touch to share his gratitude for our assistance in helping him achieve great things in the world of drag racing. Fitted to Shaun's impressive set-up (see above), is a X3C XR8264S, supplied by AET. Recently, Shaun was able to complete the 1/4 mile in only 8.41 seconds, reaching 141mph at the 1/8 with 24psi boost. Impressive figures. Shaun switched to Xona By AET due to a lack of factory support and expensive/time consuming repairs associated with his previous supplier/brand. We were pleased to welcome Shaun to the Xona By AET customer base and have been liaising with him throughout 2023.

We hope to continue our healthy working relationship with our customers, like Shaun, and to be able to help them, when needed, as they strive to win big and break records.


Here is what Shaun had to say, 'I fitted the Xona and it made nearly 700hp straight away, it's a nice compact unit and lighter than the previous turbo. The stainless CNC machined centre section looks fantastic and even has water cooling ports if needed. Many thanks to AET Turbos for their knowledge and help.'

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