Richard Chamberlain - CTR Developments

Richard Chamberlain - CTR Developments

Richard Chamberlain of CTR Developments spoke with us ahead of a busy 2022. We discussed his relationship with AET and his plans for the future, working with Andy and the rest of the team here at Xona By AET.

Richard began his racing career over 50 years ago, in kart racing. Known for his knowledge and expertise on the track, Richard has had many victories behind the wheel of his teams “935” style Porsche 911, probably one of the world’s most successfully developed 911s. The car started as a 1972 911 E and now is a mid-engine, water cooled 962 powered creation combining the best of Porsche and CTR engineering. The car has enjoyed success across the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

When asked about his initial decision to work with AET, Richard stated, ‘I have known Andy for more years than I can remember.’ Andy and Richard have a strong relationship and, for many years now, have worked together to achieve great things in racing. We (AET) were established in 1974 and are fast approaching our 50th anniversary, and for a large portion of this time, AET and CTR Developments have worked together on many occasions. You could say that we have evolved with Richard and CTR, and we have supplied Richard with many units through the years including original K26 turbos, GT30 and GTX30 turbos and most recently a mirrored pair of Xona By AET X3C XR6157S turbos.



‘I have not used anyone else in my racing history. I was recommended AET by a mutual colleague, Neil Bainbridge, and have not had to look elsewhere.’


When asked about how AET have helped him through the years, Richard commented: ‘Andy has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Clearly, the "holy grail" of turbocharging is to make boost with less back pressure and Andy has always advised us on new products and ways and means to improve our situation.’

Amongst Chamberlain’s plans for 2022, is to compete in another year of the GT Cup with his Porsche 935, which is currently underway. ‘I think there are 8 weekends with around 30 races this year, and the race duration is 25 or 50 minutes, so these is plenty of track time.’ Richard added.

And, when asked about his future plans to continue working with AET, he stated that, ‘We are using Xona turbos, supplied to us by AET, and we suspect their latest turbine housings will appear sometime this year. We look forward to that.’


Click this link to purchase the turbo used by Richard (X3C XR6157S) -

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