Damien Bradley - FIA Hill Climb Masters 2021

Damien Bradley - FIA Hill Climb Masters 2021

Our good friend Damien Bradley recently achieved a 2nd place finish at the FIA Hill Climb Masters 2021 in Braga, Portugal. He and Team Legacy UK performed admirably in their Subaru Legacy and were able to achieve a podium place in Category 3, after facing stiff competition.

The Subaru Legacy was equipped with our Xona by AET Rotor X3C XR9564S. Damien kindly spoke with us to touch on his recent success in Portugal, his experience using the Xona Rotor, and his plans for 2022.

‘A very surreal moment for me and the team’



Damien was so pleased with the outcome of the FIA hill climb masters, and said it was a, ‘huge deal to finish in 2nd place, it was a very surreal moment for me and the team.’ He stated that this was the ‘highlight’ of his career, and that he, ‘wasn’t expected to achieve such a high finish.’ This showcases the talent of not only Damien, but of the team behind the build of the Subaru, who all contributed to the success of Team Legacy UK in October, 2021.

European hill climbs are very different to those in the UK, as there are, ‘longer, winding corners which require much more power from the car and the turbo.’ This exhibits the importance of the Xona by AET turbo to Damien and his team.

Damien’s decision to initially compete in hill climbs came in 2013, following a conversation with Steven Darly, who convinced him to participate. Steven also introduced Damien to Andy Taylor (Managing Director at AET Turbos) as his car was, ‘nowhere near the standard to be competitive.’ They haven’t looked back since.

Before using the current Xona by AET Rotor, Damien’s Subaru Legacy would achieve around 600 horsepower whilst using the GT35, which at the time was a dramatic improvement from what he had previously. But, Damien’s plans to upgrade his turbo unit a few years ago coincided with our partnership with Xona, and he was keen to try the new turbo that we were offering. Now, the Subaru (Pictured) can reach around 800 horsepower, thanks to the new Xona by AET Rotor.

‘I have noticed a huge difference in the power of my Legacy when using the Xona, and it still maintained smoothness.’ Said Damien. The Xona also allowed for ‘low RPM torque’, which aided Team Legacy UK, in Braga.

Damien was not short of praise for the XR9564S and stated how it is a, ‘real quality product’.

‘I would always recommend Xona by AET, to anyone in the market for a turbo.’ Damien commented.

When asked about his plans for 2022, Damien mentioned how he hopes to reach the, ‘full potential of the Xona rotor in the near future.’ He believes there may be an extra 10% of power in the turbo, which he is looking forward to potentially finding, whilst working closely with AET.

Team Legacy UK have ambitions to reach 1000 horsepower, to be able to match the Mitsubishi Evo, and make Team Legacy UK the fastest Subaru in the world.

Damien only plans to work with AET in the future, he stated that we are, ‘the best turbo providers in the UK.’ He also stated that the Xona Rotor is the greatest turbo he has used in his career.

Congratulations once again to Damien, and Team Legacy UK. We look forward to working together again very soon.


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